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“The Art of Budooshu” Club Social

by on August 14, 2008

Few people command respect like Sensei Tony. Students look up to him because of the confidence and kind authority he exudes, and they receive utmost respect from him in return. No one would argue that they look up to him when he speaks and try their hardest to absorb as much as they can from what he teaches. This side of Sensei is truly motivating and welcoming. Recently the club got to see Sensei in another light; off the dojo floor.

Last weekend the 1st (hopefully annual) “Art of Budooshu (Wine)” was hosted at Sensei Tony’s home. We got to “meet” Sensei in a way that I think few people in our club have. No surprise, Sensei Tony’s house is wonderful and humble. What looks to be a great environment for raising his 3 great kids (with special kudos to his youngest son for getting us through SingStar that night 🙂 ), Sensei’s home was very fun, warm, and welcoming and shows his true spirit and friendly character.

Then comes the “man cave” as it was so titled by a couple people in attendance. I won’t get into the nitty-gritty, but suffice it to say, Sensei is an avid Bruce Lee fan and Montreal Canadians enthusiast. I got to view all the medals, awards, and gifts he has received over the years which he would be too humble to display in the main living area. And I got to try using sais for the first time ever in his basement! A real treat!


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