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Daily Uses of Karate: Painting

by on August 17, 2008

… Mr. Miyagi style!

Ok, painting may not be a daily activity, but who would say you could train in karate while painting? Well, perhaps plenty of people, but not everyone; that’s where we come in.

I just finished painting two rooms in my house and was reminded of The Karate Kid (I think it was the first one). Painting is not the most enjoyable activity, so I decided to do it as Mr. Miyagi instructed. As it turns out, it still wasn’t the most enjoyable activity, but at least I was thinking of karate most of the time.

taisho block

taisho block

Danial-san was painting a fence; I was painting a wall — but the method is the same. Long, exaggerated brush strokes with the wrist bent as much as possible. The techniques most closely targeted by this training are taisho uke (Fig. 1) and kakuto uke (Fig. 2).

kakuto block

kakuto block

Such long, exaggerated brush strokes will make your wrist tired very quickly, but its worth it. Remember the sore muscles you feel after an especially strenuous class, or after training following a brief hiatus from training? This soreness makes you feel like you’ve really worked, and you have. The soreness is due to the use (or overuse) of muscles that normally do not witness much activity. This is just more reason to practice and train these muscles. We want to be “perfect” martial artists.

Painting like this is condition training. Don’t always focus on technique (although very important). We need strong bones, muscles, heart and arteries to be the best martial artists we can be.


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