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Working out after class

by on September 27, 2008

I believe that people should work out beyond karate class. That is to say, people should do more than karate class for their general well being and to improve their karate skills by simply being in better shape. But should this extra working out be done at karate class?

On occasion, after a hard class, we do calisthenics. Personally, I think that if the students worked as hard as they could, and should, and gave the class their all, they would not physically be able to perform any more exercise after a 60 minute karate class. In each class that I attend I give 110% (as cliche as that may sound) and so I have nothing left in me and simply cannot perform more exercises without making myself sick. So I often step out and wait until the extra exercises are over before rejoining the class to bow out. When I cannot make my body work any longer, and so sit out on the exercises, I should not be made to think that I didn’t push myself hard enough by not doing the entire class. In fact, the simple fact that I do not have the energy to do the extra exercises indicates that I did push myself hard enough during class.

I understand that some instructors think that extra exercises are good for their students, but I don’t think it should be forced upon them in karate class. If you have the will to study karate and to take care of your body then you can go to the gym and work out, or run or play other sports or do yoga! I don’t think that extra exercises should be mandatory at the end of class, because if you worked as hard as you should’ve then the most you should be able to do at the end of class is mediate, drink water, and maybe spar!




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  1. philipobrien permalink

    Agreed! If people are not collapsing when doing these exercises at the end of class (such as barely being able to do more that 3 push-ups, which I usually am), then they have been holding back during class, don’t you think?

    And if you’re holding back, you’re not moving forward. The only additional work I can usually do after class is stretching which requires nearly no muscle effort or endurance.

    If anyone asked me, I’d suggest reserving calisthenics for days when we’re not in the dojo.

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