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A Karate Playlist

by on October 3, 2008

Not everyone listens to music before a class or a tournament. But I do. I think it’s inspiring. It’s motivational. It takes you away from the nonsense of daily life.

From those I’ve talked to, some people listen to jazz as its mellow, soothing, and pleasant. Some people prefer to listen to classical music as it is relaxing, intellectual, non-confrontational. All the things they presumably want to achieve in life and in karate. They seek a place of peace and calmness where their thoughts are void and their mind is no mind.

Me? I listen to heavy metal. Oh, and old 80’s rock and hair metal. I just recently started building a playlist specifically for karate, so its not long yet, but here it is so far:

  • Stillborn – Black Label Society
  • I Stand Alone – Godsmack
  • Bleed it out – Linkin Park
  • Cyanide – Metallica
  • Here I Go again – Whitesnake (this one gets played most)
  • Come on Feel the Noise – Quiet Riot
  • Rock You Like a Hurricane – Scorpions
  • ironman – Black Sabbath
  • We’re Not Gonna Take it – Twisted Sister
  • Welcome to the Jungle – Guns n Roses
  • Sad but True – Metallica
  • Dragula – Rob Zombie
  • Pain – Three Days Grace
  • Indesctructible – Disturbed (a contender for Whitesnake)
… and of course, a staple for all music playlists involving martial arts…
  • Scorpion’s Theme – Mortal Combat (if you don’t have this, you need it)
What do you listen to? Please leave a list in comments since I’d love to download some. I mean, legally purchase some… yeah…

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One Comment
  1. Rocky permalink

    “Eye of the Tiger”. Its like a cultural requirement or something.

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