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Canadian Nationals ’09 Training Progress

by on October 6, 2009

Nationals are just 6 days away and I haven’t blogged about my progress as much as I would have liked, but here goes nothing.

ISKF Calgary 2009 Canadian National Karate Championships Logo

ISKF Calgary 2009 Canadian National Karate Championships Logo


Yoga has been a blessing. I’ve taken about 15 minutes every morning for the last two months to do yoga in the morning. There are a few types of yoga and I’m no expert on either but what I’ve been doing is a form of hatha yoga. The routine has been:

  • Plank (abs, arms, back, calves)
  • Downward dog (back, calves, hamstrings)
  • Cow pose (lower back)
  • Cat pose
  • (repeat cow/cat 2 more times)
  • Downward dog
  • Plank

This has been for my back to strengthen my back, tone core muscles, and stretch tendons.

Picking a Kata

I’ve dediced on jitte for my tokui kata if by some marvel I make it past the first round. Sensei has given me half a dozen things to focus on to make my performance better which I’m hoping will make a difference when it comes down to it.

Jitte is a great kata for my body, it seems. My body isn’t that fast and so the strong, intent movements of jitte are well-suited for such a body.

I’m also the “OMG let’s pray no one on the kata team gets injured” kata team alternate. Fingers crossed that no one rolls an ankle in the next 5 days!

More Sparring

I’ve done more sparring than I ever have in the last few months. Most specifically, a good friend has helped me focus on a couple things:

  1. Timing, and gaining an insight into drawing out an attack by luring someone into “my bubble”, pulling them in while I slightly shift back, and then close the gap quickly while they think I’m still backing up.
  2. A front-punch reverse-punch combo that’s fast, aggresive, and simple. Paired with the first point, this could very well be the technique that gets me at least a waza-ari.


Yeah, so plyometric training didn’t exactly pan out. After researching it a bit more, I felt it was too dangerous to engage in alone. Let’s face it, I’m not an Olympics contender, or a career-karateka, so this probably wasn’t going to be worth the high potential of injury that could keep me out of the Nationals, or worse, out of classes for the next few months.

And there it is. Training is just about done, and I’m only 3 days away from my flight to Calgary. This Nationals should be a great one, as its my first one competing at the dan level. I have no delusions about coming back with a medal, but that’s also not why I’m going. Having the opportunity to spar with some of the best in the country and witnessing the expertise that CAN be achieved (not necessarily by everyone, but that’s another discussion) will hopefully help me see the next level in my karate development.

Regardless of the outcome, we have to “keep training”.

One Comment
  1. Santiago permalink

    I wish you have an excelent performing.

    I would like to include some yoga in my training. Speed and flexibility are my weaknesses in the phisical part of my style of practicing.

    Talking about plyos… thouse are great excercises… but you have to plan them. They really improve your skills.. but you have to train strengh and stamina also, and this training should be included in a “calendar”, in which you have your tournaments, rest periods, etc.

    If you are interested in “talking” about training, specially plyos, it will be a pleasure to “think together”. In the tesis (sorry but I don’t know this word in English and don’t know if tesis applies for this case) I had to elaborate when I took the exam for 1º Dan, the topic was introduction to physical training, so I had to investigate this things.

    I wish you satisfy your expectations in this tournament you are going to participate.


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