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Karate will not be in the Olympics in the near Future

by on October 9, 2009

I held out hope that maybe the IOC would find a place in their hearts for karate and vote it in for the 2016 Olympic games. No such luck. Once again, it has been outpaced by the likes of rugby and golf. Now we just hold out to see if it will be put back on the agenda for the IOC Session meetings in 2013 to be possibly considered again for the 2020 Olympics.

Perhaps with Brazil winning the 2016 bid, they’ll consider MMA in the Olympics! Let’s not hold our breaths. MMA competition at the level of UFC is not nearly wide spread enough, with only a half dozen countries seriously involved at present.


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  1. Jishnu permalink

    Are you absolutely sure. Thats a bad news for us karateka’s

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