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Looking Forward to ISKF Canadian Nationals 2010, Winnipeg

by on October 26, 2009

Many are just returning from the 29th ISKF Canadian National Karate Championships in Calgary and I think all would agree that it was a great success. From an attendee’s perspective, the organization of the event was flawless. From a competitor’s perspective, the quality of competition was fierce.

I didn’t win any medals, although the Nova Scotia Women’s Kumite team won silver, I did get some great experience. I got to spar against two of the best in Canada: Kenji Doshida and Christian LeDuc. Although I only got to say “thanks” to Kenji, I got the chance to chat briefly with Christian after the tournament. He’s a really cool guy; very humble and generally a pleasant person. He has a style that’s quite unlike others at Nationals: he is nearly completely side-on to his opponent, giving up almost no surface area for anyone to target. He also bounces very intently and deliberately and uses the downward momentum of the bounce to launch forward so quickly, and at such a great distance, that his speed is just to great to beat. I caught on to this and tried to get in while he was on his way up on the bounce, but he immediately switched, shifted down and slid in and scored the point before I got in. So fast! I look forward to sparring with him at the next Nationals.

Speaking of which, the 30th ISKF Canadian National Karate Championships will be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba. My wife and I have some close friends there, so no doubt we’ll make the trip up. Manitoba and BC are the only Canadian provinces that I haven’t seen yet so I want to make the set complete!

I returned from Nationals with a lot of energy and a really clear focus on where I need to go from here. It’s the clearest my focus has been in more than a year. With sensei’s help, I’m hoping to beat a personal best next time.

So to the Winnipeg Nationals Planning Committee: good luck and we’ll see you next October.



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